Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspire to love something new

With my coffee in hand, I took a little cyber journey this gray morning and discovered some colorful fellow etsians. Enjoy the love ...

Spell out you love with Beth Berg's simply stated photography piece.

Celebrate fathers with this Awwwwwesome Dad-mixed media print by Retro Whale

I love this heart ring! by Minty Fresh Fusions

Send some love around the world with these chic postcards from The Little Fox.

Toss this beautiful hand painted silk pillow from Jobka into you life for a lovely decor addition.

Give daddy everlasting love and have JLynn Creations customize a sterling silver dog tag necklace.

Everyone loves a smile! This sunny sign by Barn Owl Primitives is sure to brighten any day.

Just plain cool and sassy heart Earring handmade by Nova Designs.

T Aromas's scent of Amor, yummy vanilla my favorite!

Lily Lady Blue creates a truly glamorous piece in the color of love.

Fall in love in a whimsy fairytale with HidenSeek's "Mom, this is the friend I told you about -- Card"

Write a love story on this wonderful antique typewriter found by Traci Nicole.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Color Trends for Spring and Summer 2010

Show some color this spring in the hot hues of:
Coral, White, Neon Green, Cardinal Purple and Violet.
Take inspiration from the works of these amazing artisans!

Peach Flower Necklace - Crafts 2 Cherish
Haute Tangerine One Piece Swimsuit - Kami Shade
Silk Coral Halter Dress - red doll

White Neck Tie Dress -
13 Threads
Sterling Silver Sea Urchin Ring - Star of the East
Wall flower - Prince Design UK
Curly Scarf - Ayca
World Peace Tshirt - rc tees
Green Statement Necklace - Tiny Mishaps

Handspun Merino Yarn - Springtree Road
Swan Lake Fascinator - the french mouse
Hand dyed Shawl - Nits Creations

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Love is in the air. A Wedding Series

Love is in the air. A Wedding Series
The Dress

When the music starts and the guests turn to look down the isle, your moment has begun. All eyes will be on you, the beautiful bride. The dress will compliment your style, theme and beauty.
Handmade gorgeous, elegant, romantic and fun dresses can be found in all price ranges and all styles. Here are just a few:

One of a kind and a romantic beauty is this 'Luxurious Ivory Satin and Beaded Tulle Dress' deigned by Autumn Russell.
CiCi Bridal's 'Gorgeous Wedding Dress' is covered in delicate beading and delights the eyes with its class and elegance.
This romantic avant garde 'Couture White Silk Wedding Dress' by Devani Weaver's is simply stunning.
Isadora Clothing's 'Eco Chameleon Wedding Gown' is "fairy maiden chic". Not only is this dress pretty its organic and versatile with variations including: short sleeved, halter, twisted strap (Grecian Goddess) and strapless.
...and you can wear it again!
The timeless beauty "Crystal Lace Wedding Dress" by Bellina Bridal has stunning detail and is made custom to order.

The lovely Amanda Archer Collection 'White Gown' is pretty and a perfect option for a non-traditional wedding gown.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love is in the air. A Wedding Series

Love is in the air. A Wedding Series
The Rings -
Whether you are planning your wedding or just dreaming. These rings inspire, awe, and show variations in style, metal, and designs artisans are creating. Wedding rings are available various textures, materials, and can be found in classic forms to ultra modern works of art.

Boss Studios Hammered 14K Gold Filled Ring is a contemporary version of the classic gold band.

Shade Jewelry's Titanium Shiny Tension Set is a Half Carat Certified Near Colorless Diamond Ring and Wedding Band. These rings are simply elegant and modern. Artisan Look's "Wild love" - Sterling silver integrated 9K yellow gold spinner ring is unique and romantic with a hint of classic renaissance.

Check out this gorgeous "LOVE ROCK" Vintage Style Pearl Diamond Ring with .70 carats diamonds and 14kt white gold Mellie Mack. The style is regal and beautiful for any princess.

Sea Babe Jewelry's "Diamond in the Rough" Fine Silver Ring is organic and modern in its tasteful natural beauty.

Jewelry by Johan creates this artistically gorgeous set of Titanium Rings and Damascus Ruby Setting with polished class and sophistication.
This elegant and classy "PAVE' style" 2.75 carats solitaire diamond ring can be found at Diamonds from New York.

Hawaii Titanium's "Blood Wood n Pink Ivory inlay Titanium Ring" is exotic and organic.

This amazing "Diamond Designer Bow Ring" by Laurie Sarah Designs will frost any hand with its shear beauty and glimmer.

The "Faceted Titanium Ring with Raised Rings" by Zoe And Doyle is a modern delight with its shine and grace.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Love is in the air. A Wedding Series

Love is in the air. A Wedding Series

Spring is a time for romance and weddings. You are now engaged to Mr. Right and it's time to start planning your special day. The invitations for your wedding will set the tone. Handmade wedding invitations and paper needs are customized to you and your event. Here are just a few of my favorites with many different styles and designs.

Now that your engaged, do you doodle the look of your initials together? Here's a pretty site, the beautiful Monogram Scroll Pressed Wedding Invitation handmade by Letterpress Light.

Beautiful invitations will set the mood of your wedding. This Elegant Floral Designer Wedding Invitation by Claire Eye Design is absolutely stunning.

Modern and elegant more your style? Viva La Violette's Modern Bride Invitation Set is incredibly unique and smart.
Glitzy Event's regal and romantic Pocketfold Invitation is handcrafted and can be customized for your special day.

Want a destination wedding and an invitation to suit the mood? Rebirizarry's Palm Beach - Wedding Collection is full of personality and can be customized just for you.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Revive your Spirit - Rejuvenate your Soul

Revive your Spirit - Rejuvenate your Soul Part 2of 2
Now its "ME" time! Time to rejuvenate your soul and relax. Give yourself a timeout to find some serenity and peace that gets lost in the day to day chaos of business, family and schedules. Pamper yourself!
Here a just a few wonderful treats for your soul and body to receive the rest and relaxation it deserves.
Intentions Flowerfull is an extremely mild soap bar excellent for normal or dry skin, and gorgeous too!

Aquarian Bath's Yin Ylang Soap is serene as well as Rain Forest and Orangutan friendly.

Is your hair beckoning for some TLC? Try Cozy Moments Deep Hair Conditioner for a little love.

Pink Bow Bath Boutique's Marshmallow Candy Pedicure Set is a sweet way to make your tootsies feel smooth and beautiful.
Cellulite troubling your soul? Try Pink Papaya's Cellulite Scrub Infused with Botanical Extracts.

In search of whipped creamy soap? Clear Lake Creations Amber Romance is a thick, rich moisturizing, creamy cleansing soap with the consistency of a butter.

Sapeterapi's gorgeous Moisturizing Bath Bombs will make you feel just as lovely and dreamy as they are.

Want a little aroma therapy to waken you inner being? Try Beta Blend Aroma by Sensaria.

Time to relax and unwind with Soap Rehab's mouth watering Brown Sugar Pecan Bath Soak!

FlameWorks Vegan Body Butter is offered in more than 40 tempting flavors, a smooth addition to moisturize yourself into bliss.

Ooh how about a massage, try 90210 Organics Nature's Paradise 'Organic Spa' Palmarosa Massage Oil.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Revive your Spirit - Rejuvenate your Soul

Revive your Spirit - Rejuvenate your Soul
Part 1of 2

Revive your spirit with a time out to volunteer! Life can become quite overwhelming in the hectic days of managing our business, our family, and our homes. Add a dose of the economic rollercoaster and …well it’s a lot to take in. Taking a step outside our everyday, tuning out the “to do list” and becoming involved may be the jumpstart your spirit is longing for.

There are many ways to volunteer and many excuses of why not to. Find yourself making excuses? All the more reason to find away to get involved Help an elderly neighbor, join a non-profit, clean up a local park, read to the kids in a Children’s Hospital.

Walking away from your day-to-day and making someone else the focus can be wonderfully enlightening and refreshing experience.

I became inspired to write this blog after spending a day volunteering with the San Diego Habitat for Humanity that is partnered Jimmie Johnson Foundation . Volunteering for this charity was something I’ve wanted to do for quite awhile. The opportunity presented itself and I cleared my day and joined in. The day was laborious, dirty, fun, “not about me”, and upon leaving I felt that I had one of the most rewarding days in a long time. (Me after a eventful day at the site - not the cutest pix but happy!)

I recently read an interesting article in Time Magazine, discussing the down swing in our economy has actually brought a sizable increase in volunteers. The article also discussed how the economy’s flux has seriously decreased donations.

Many of us business owners find a way to involve donations to a specific charity. Not only is it rewarding to help in this way, it’s a tax deduction!

This is another neat way to donate, and it’s good for your clients as well.
Offer a discount to customers who bring:
A bag of canned food
Clothing for a women’s shelter
Toys for tots
Add money to a donation jar
All in all, give your spirit a day, take some time out of, and reward yourself with community involvement. I promise it will be well worth it.

Look for Part 2 “Rejuvenate your soul” a little girlie pampering well deserved!
Here are a few links for volunteering: