Saturday, April 25, 2009

Love is in the air. A Wedding Series

Love is in the air. A Wedding Series
The Rings -
Whether you are planning your wedding or just dreaming. These rings inspire, awe, and show variations in style, metal, and designs artisans are creating. Wedding rings are available various textures, materials, and can be found in classic forms to ultra modern works of art.

Boss Studios Hammered 14K Gold Filled Ring is a contemporary version of the classic gold band.

Shade Jewelry's Titanium Shiny Tension Set is a Half Carat Certified Near Colorless Diamond Ring and Wedding Band. These rings are simply elegant and modern. Artisan Look's "Wild love" - Sterling silver integrated 9K yellow gold spinner ring is unique and romantic with a hint of classic renaissance.

Check out this gorgeous "LOVE ROCK" Vintage Style Pearl Diamond Ring with .70 carats diamonds and 14kt white gold Mellie Mack. The style is regal and beautiful for any princess.

Sea Babe Jewelry's "Diamond in the Rough" Fine Silver Ring is organic and modern in its tasteful natural beauty.

Jewelry by Johan creates this artistically gorgeous set of Titanium Rings and Damascus Ruby Setting with polished class and sophistication.
This elegant and classy "PAVE' style" 2.75 carats solitaire diamond ring can be found at Diamonds from New York.

Hawaii Titanium's "Blood Wood n Pink Ivory inlay Titanium Ring" is exotic and organic.

This amazing "Diamond Designer Bow Ring" by Laurie Sarah Designs will frost any hand with its shear beauty and glimmer.

The "Faceted Titanium Ring with Raised Rings" by Zoe And Doyle is a modern delight with its shine and grace.


  1. What gorgeous rings! Thank you so much for including my bow ring with such a stunning group.

    Laurie Sarah

  2. Wow! How dear of you to include my hammered band in this group of wonderfully creative designs! I'm honored!


  3. Cool design collections. I always prefer wearing Titanium Rings, since it is very stylish and royal look.

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