Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Revive your Spirit - Rejuvenate your Soul

Revive your Spirit - Rejuvenate your Soul Part 2of 2
Now its "ME" time! Time to rejuvenate your soul and relax. Give yourself a timeout to find some serenity and peace that gets lost in the day to day chaos of business, family and schedules. Pamper yourself!
Here a just a few wonderful treats for your soul and body to receive the rest and relaxation it deserves.
Intentions Flowerfull is an extremely mild soap bar excellent for normal or dry skin, and gorgeous too!

Aquarian Bath's Yin Ylang Soap is serene as well as Rain Forest and Orangutan friendly.

Is your hair beckoning for some TLC? Try Cozy Moments Deep Hair Conditioner for a little love.

Pink Bow Bath Boutique's Marshmallow Candy Pedicure Set is a sweet way to make your tootsies feel smooth and beautiful.
Cellulite troubling your soul? Try Pink Papaya's Cellulite Scrub Infused with Botanical Extracts.

In search of whipped creamy soap? Clear Lake Creations Amber Romance is a thick, rich moisturizing, creamy cleansing soap with the consistency of a butter.

Sapeterapi's gorgeous Moisturizing Bath Bombs will make you feel just as lovely and dreamy as they are.

Want a little aroma therapy to waken you inner being? Try Beta Blend Aroma by Sensaria.

Time to relax and unwind with Soap Rehab's mouth watering Brown Sugar Pecan Bath Soak!

FlameWorks Vegan Body Butter is offered in more than 40 tempting flavors, a smooth addition to moisturize yourself into bliss.

Ooh how about a massage, try 90210 Organics Nature's Paradise 'Organic Spa' Palmarosa Massage Oil.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Revive your Spirit - Rejuvenate your Soul

Revive your Spirit - Rejuvenate your Soul
Part 1of 2

Revive your spirit with a time out to volunteer! Life can become quite overwhelming in the hectic days of managing our business, our family, and our homes. Add a dose of the economic rollercoaster and …well it’s a lot to take in. Taking a step outside our everyday, tuning out the “to do list” and becoming involved may be the jumpstart your spirit is longing for.

There are many ways to volunteer and many excuses of why not to. Find yourself making excuses? All the more reason to find away to get involved Help an elderly neighbor, join a non-profit, clean up a local park, read to the kids in a Children’s Hospital.

Walking away from your day-to-day and making someone else the focus can be wonderfully enlightening and refreshing experience.

I became inspired to write this blog after spending a day volunteering with the San Diego Habitat for Humanity that is partnered Jimmie Johnson Foundation . Volunteering for this charity was something I’ve wanted to do for quite awhile. The opportunity presented itself and I cleared my day and joined in. The day was laborious, dirty, fun, “not about me”, and upon leaving I felt that I had one of the most rewarding days in a long time. (Me after a eventful day at the site - not the cutest pix but happy!)

I recently read an interesting article in Time Magazine, discussing the down swing in our economy has actually brought a sizable increase in volunteers. The article also discussed how the economy’s flux has seriously decreased donations.

Many of us business owners find a way to involve donations to a specific charity. Not only is it rewarding to help in this way, it’s a tax deduction!

This is another neat way to donate, and it’s good for your clients as well.
Offer a discount to customers who bring:
A bag of canned food
Clothing for a women’s shelter
Toys for tots
Add money to a donation jar
All in all, give your spirit a day, take some time out of, and reward yourself with community involvement. I promise it will be well worth it.

Look for Part 2 “Rejuvenate your soul” a little girlie pampering well deserved!
Here are a few links for volunteering:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Want to be a Dame?

Dame meaning "lady".
A lady loves to dress, and set style; why not give the dame what she wants!

Q: Where can I find vintage inspirations and some of today's styles all in one store?
A: Go shopping with Distinguished Dame Dry Goods.

Isabella Dress - 1955 inspiration

Franchette Dress -Gold Daisy Silk

Simone Skirt - Black Crepe Pencil Skirt

Strapless Doll Dress

Backless Dottie Romper

Jenni Top

Girlie Girls Pin-Up Tee

Yacht Swimsuit

Vanity Spectator Pump

The Sydney - Made exclusively for Distinguished Dame Dry Goods, by Mojo Indigo.

Vintage Inspired - White Cloche Hat

Swingin' Lounger Shirt

55 Classic Sidewalk Cruiser Pedal Car

These are just a few of the retro reproductions you'll find a Distinguished Dame Dry Goods. The store also carries, modern day clothing, children's goods, home furnishings, accessories, and much more. Stop by and enjoy the fun!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blending Textures

Ilash Designs creates lovely textures of hand spun yarns. With a passion for creative combinations, the artist spins bulky yarns using various techniques, yielding delights for knit, crochet, felt, and craft.
"Chocolattamochalatta in the Forest" is a soft and plush hand spun mix of Alpaca and Corriedale.

"Chocolattachip Cookies" is a hand spun mix of Alpaca, Merino, Corriedale and BFL wool create a classic; natural colors in this super, bulky yarn will surely make a statement in whatever you create from it!

Faded Roses is a gorgeous Corriedale wool.

This hand spun Wensleydale single is just waiting to be dyed, or left romantic creamy white.

"Taylor Rocks" merino batt is pure butter softness!

Eggplant Elegance is ready for roving -Merino, Corriedale, Silk Batts.
Be sure to stop by Ilash Designs to see what other beauties this artisan is making.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Always Near and Dear

Love my new purchase from Earth Expressions, not only is it personalized, it's fabulous!
Earth Expressions, fashioned a custom and timeless piece that will be cherished.
This moment of a special family outing is now always near and dear.

Want one of your own? Visit Earth Expressions

Here are just a few of the lovely pieces this artisan creates:

"Flowers" - Handmade Recycled Glass Pendant

Handmade Polymer Clay/Resin Adjustable Rings

"Leaves on White" - Beautiful Handmade Wood and Resin Tile Pendant

"Black and White", Handmade Wood and Resin Tile Pendant

Not only does this Artisan make beautiful works of art, the giving is made easy and stylish with Earth Expression's Decorated Gift Tins.

"Bon Appetit" - Large Wood Handmade Magnet

Monday, March 9, 2009

WORLD GREEN= Grøn Verde Groen Vert Grün Grønn

What a wonderful world we have, and green it is...

Just to name a few: Green - English, Grøn - Danish, Verde - Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, Groen -Dutch, Vert -French, Grün - German, Grønn –Norwegian

Here are some of the “greens” I found on Etsy from around the world-

Australia’s Early Bird Creations makes a royal appearance with the “Malia” necklace. This long necklace with its bold beads and its regal name will certainly bring out your inner Queen.

In Canada, Dalim’s blooming pale olive earrings are pretty as can be. Dive into the romance of France in these delights.

In Australia you can also find PP Designs, who takes you into a state of bliss in this serene and tranquil photo of a natural waterfall. Beautifully captured, the sights and sounds are almost tangible!

Iridescent sparkle earrings will surely add a touch of pizzazz to your day. These little treasures from Olitopia were found in the heart of the USA.

From Uruguay, this wonderful 100% Wool is inspiration ready to bloom into whatever your heart desires. This soft hand painted artisan merino wool from Purewool is perfect for knit, crochet, and felt creations.

Love lilies? This pale sage carved celluloid lily ring from Adorn Me Jewelry in Canada is gorgeous and ready for giving. It comes all wrapped in a pretty package.

In Italy, Anastassias Atelier’s stunning lime green peridot earrings a lovely pair. These beauties are sure to add a bit of glitz and glamour to any day.

Barcelona's C Caspia creates inviting paper masks perfect for celebrations and masquerades.
Eco-friendly and chic these nesting bowl from California's Papaver Vert make a wonderful addition to any home. Not only are they organic and pretty, in shades green - pistachio, leaf green and oregano, they are useful.

This print from Holland's Picture Penelope is called "On the Back". Notice how green of the grass is a touch brighter than the rest of the pictures subdued colors. Truly a picture that would make a splendid conversation piece.

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