Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Always Near and Dear

Love my new purchase from Earth Expressions, not only is it personalized, it's fabulous!
Earth Expressions, fashioned a custom and timeless piece that will be cherished.
This moment of a special family outing is now always near and dear.

Want one of your own? Visit Earth Expressions

Here are just a few of the lovely pieces this artisan creates:

"Flowers" - Handmade Recycled Glass Pendant

Handmade Polymer Clay/Resin Adjustable Rings

"Leaves on White" - Beautiful Handmade Wood and Resin Tile Pendant

"Black and White", Handmade Wood and Resin Tile Pendant

Not only does this Artisan make beautiful works of art, the giving is made easy and stylish with Earth Expression's Decorated Gift Tins.

"Bon Appetit" - Large Wood Handmade Magnet

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