Monday, March 9, 2009

WORLD GREEN= Grøn Verde Groen Vert Grün Grønn

What a wonderful world we have, and green it is...

Just to name a few: Green - English, Grøn - Danish, Verde - Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, Groen -Dutch, Vert -French, Grün - German, Grønn –Norwegian

Here are some of the “greens” I found on Etsy from around the world-

Australia’s Early Bird Creations makes a royal appearance with the “Malia” necklace. This long necklace with its bold beads and its regal name will certainly bring out your inner Queen.

In Canada, Dalim’s blooming pale olive earrings are pretty as can be. Dive into the romance of France in these delights.

In Australia you can also find PP Designs, who takes you into a state of bliss in this serene and tranquil photo of a natural waterfall. Beautifully captured, the sights and sounds are almost tangible!

Iridescent sparkle earrings will surely add a touch of pizzazz to your day. These little treasures from Olitopia were found in the heart of the USA.

From Uruguay, this wonderful 100% Wool is inspiration ready to bloom into whatever your heart desires. This soft hand painted artisan merino wool from Purewool is perfect for knit, crochet, and felt creations.

Love lilies? This pale sage carved celluloid lily ring from Adorn Me Jewelry in Canada is gorgeous and ready for giving. It comes all wrapped in a pretty package.

In Italy, Anastassias Atelier’s stunning lime green peridot earrings a lovely pair. These beauties are sure to add a bit of glitz and glamour to any day.

Barcelona's C Caspia creates inviting paper masks perfect for celebrations and masquerades.
Eco-friendly and chic these nesting bowl from California's Papaver Vert make a wonderful addition to any home. Not only are they organic and pretty, in shades green - pistachio, leaf green and oregano, they are useful.

This print from Holland's Picture Penelope is called "On the Back". Notice how green of the grass is a touch brighter than the rest of the pictures subdued colors. Truly a picture that would make a splendid conversation piece.


  1. Fantastic new blog (love the background!) and great post too! Thanks so much for including my photograph in your treasury and your blog post!

  2. Beautiful selection of green itme. Love the bowls. They look fascinating. I'm off to have a look at her shop.

  3. Love this site! Nice job mojoindigo! Thanks!

  4. Great collection and items! I especially love all the prints and that shell ring.
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